Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Update: Works in progress

I decided to change the colour of my motif top. I'm doing it in white now (I know, predictable). I'm done 9 out of 35 motifs. I am starting to do one in less than an hour now though.

And then, to pass the time, I started another project. I'm making Beatrice from the Berroco free patterns.

I'm using this amazing merino blend. The pattern, however, is not so amazing. It seems incredibly straight forward, but when I am actually doing it, the increases and decreases don't line up, so I get a bunch of bumps, not waves. I kind of modified it so they line up now, but the waves aren't so wavy. I've done one set of stripes and I don't know if I should keep going the way I am or rip it out and either start fresh or do something else with the amazing yarn. *sigh* I totally wish I could find someone to do a crochetalong with, because I have no idea where I'm going wrong.

The bathing suit coverup is near completion, but I ran out of yarn. I extended the pattern because it seemed really short (either because I'm using a slightly smaller weighted yarn, or because my torso is unnaturally long).

And then... ! My auntie Dar gave me a bag full of her alpaca yarn. Yess! It's so soft and nice and I have no idea what to do with it. It's a 2-ply, and the opportunities are endless. My dad keeps suggesting I should make a blanket, so I was thinking maybe I'd do it for father's day, but that barely narrows it down at all because I can dye it any colour in the whole world. I think I'll just sit on it for now, but it's so exciting!


Blogger nicole. said...

OH MY GOSH. I gosh a lot. That's a great 'thing.' I would really like to make it now, too. Maybe if I get into it soon, we can trouble-shoot it together.

It's so nice.

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