Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Updated: FOs

So, I finished a few things last week. I finally put buttons on my aflutter top. It seems as though the website I purchased it on has disappeared, but here is the crochetalong. I used Paton's Grace in snow and a 3.75 hook. I'm not incredibly impressed with it. The neckline is wonky, and it's the pattern's fault, not mine (trust me, I ripped it out like 7 times). It also could have been longer, but I was quickly losing patience with it and wanted it done ASAP. I don't know if I'll wear it. I just don't know.

And then I finally finished a blanket for my kitties. I used Moda Dea Wild and (oh darn, I can't remember) some white baby yarn leftover from a different project.

I also finished the green sweater, but Mel is currently fast asleep on it and he's too cute to move.


Blogger nicole. said...

Melly-moo loves your sweater! I think you need to make him a matching sweater, so you two can then be matchy-match human-cat couple!
On second thought, just let him lie on your sweater and leave it at that.

6:56 PM  

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